GlassX: World’s First Pure Nano-Liquid Screen Protection

GlassX is the world’s first pure liquid screen protection made with Si02 nanotechnology for you to build layers of 9H nano-liquid glass screen protection on your electronic devices.
• Shatter Resistant
• 9H Lab Certified Scratch Resistant
• 100% Invisible/HD Clarity
• Bubble Free
• Lab Tested to Reduce Bacteria by up to 99.9%

9H Hardness

Shatter Resistant

Ultra Thin Layer

Universal Application

How It Works

Awesome for curved screens I backed this product on kickstarter and indiegogo. Put this on my brand new Note 8 and I do not have 1 scratch on it.


Works and feels great Got this to protect my iPhoneX from the abuse of my kids. They've dropped it a few times from fighting for the phone and so far my screen is still looking new.


Protects like none other! If you read ALL the directions and apply as directed, this glass screen protector is AMAZING! Efficiently protects my screen from falls and scratches. I am thoroughly impressed.


Compatible Technology